Africa is the forward that the world needs to face | Pius Adesanmi | TEDxEuston

Africa is the forward that the world needs to face PIUS ADESANMI obtained a First Class Honours degree in French Studies from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, …

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  1. Bonbo Truelove

    Technology ruin the world remember those days that our great great parent use to travel with donkey and horse they never endanger their life or put their life at high risk. Waiting for high murder when driverless car start operating in every part of the world this can easily be hack and lost control. R i p Egbon Iginla wo niju gbogbo igbo palolo ajanaku subu kole dide .


    MY God so sad. May his soul rest in peace. This man's speech just remind me of what one woman said in "wake up Africa" She said truth about the ethiopian airline crash is yet to be known.

  3. nick

    RIP great one, it's sad all we see of our great country now are cheats, treasury robbers and killers. God help our country.

  4. Maime Ricks

    You were indeed a great son of Nigerian and Africa as a whole! As a proud African who did not know you in life am proud to know you and despite the pain of losing you, your great work will go on for years to come. May your soul rest in peace!!

  5. Seun Olota

    Oh gosh! That same technology that has removed man's intervention in logical action occurred in the plane that took you and many others. May you rest well with the angels. Adieu!