5 Amazing CBD Marketing Tips to Boost Your Hemp Business


Making sure your CBD business has the highest quality hemp products around is one thing…

Making more sales is another.

You can have the best CBD brand around town…

Yet, if no one knows you exist…

You have a BIG problem on your hands!

Keep reading for five proven hemp CBD marketing tips to boost your business.

1.) Establish Your Hemp CBD Brand 

hemp-cbd-marketing-tips (1).png

What makes your hemp CBD business unique?

Highly successful CBD companies not only offer amazing products, they also have an established brand

Meaning, people can easily recognize their company from the rest. 

Check out top CBD businesses and you’ll notice they have some things in common such as:

  • Custom Hemp Logo

  • Their Own Website

  • Strong Social Media Presence

  • Creative CBD Blog Posts

  • Great Customer Testimonials 

Establishing a strong CBD brand positions you as the premier option in the eyes of your target audience.

How can you build a strong brand for your hemp company?

The key is to get clear on the unique value your CBD company provides along with exactly who you’re trying to reach.


If you try to reach everyone, you end up reaching no one.

The therapeutic potential of CBD is HUGE!


If you want to build a successful business, you need to be laser clear on who your people are.

Straight up, it isn’t everyone.

Focus on the stand out features you provide.

Whether it’s a convenient location, personal customer experience, fast delivery, wide range of products – highlight what makes your brand unique.

The clearer you are, the stronger your CBD brand will be. 

2.) Showcase A Stunning CBD Website


If your CBD business is on social media, do you really need a website?


Here’s why:

First off, it’s risky business being a CBD brand on social media.

Not only are your prohibited from paid advertising.

You also run the chance of your CBD page being deleted at any time.

Hence why having a strong CBD website is so important.


Your website is the foundation of your online presence.

Social media channels may come and go.

But you own your site.

Which gives you a lot more control when it comes to the experience you provide.

A great website attracts your target audience, builds your brand, and turns more shoppers into buyers.

Need help building your CBD website?


They specialize in CBD web design and can help you get up and running ASAP! 

Whether you need a full-on e-commerce online store or a simple website to showcase your brand, I highly recommend checking them out.

The right website is GAME CHANGING towards boosting your business. 

3.) Grow Your CBD Social Media Accounts 

hemp-cbd-marketing (2).png

When you consider 60% of people discover products on Instagram

And 78% of Americans are use Facebook for finding new products 

You realize just how powerful social media marketing is for advertising your CBD Business.

Because the blunt truth is:

As challenging and risky as CBD marketing may be…

It will MAKE or BREAK your business.

Social media marketing is no longer an option.

It is a necessity.

To drive real results for your CBD business takes more than just posting.

Successful CBD brands are strategic.

They highlight their unique attributes, products, and experiences while honing in on their target audience.

Staying relevant is a daily commitment.

For every day you’re not posting on social media…

Another CBD company is.

Therefore, I recommend posting on social media at least once per day.

If you’re concerned you don’t have time…

Hire on help!

Or risk being left behind. 

Social media can transform your business.

But it takes dedication, patience, and the right approach.

The goods news is…

You don’t have to do this all alone!

I offer DIY CBD social media services for small business owners along with full on management.


Regardless of which approach you take…

If you remember one thing, just keep posting!

4.) Share Helpful Hemp CBD Blog Posts 


Do you know sharing helpful CBD blog posts can increase your sales?

Here’s how:

When you share great content, there are a few things that happen.

First, people are more likely to interact with you and trust you when you’re sharing helpful information.

Secondly, your website will rank higher in search engines like Google, leading more people to come across your business.


With paid promotion like Google AdWords off the table, CBD brands need all the free website traffic they can get.

Only question is…

How many blog posts should you be sharing?

I recommend a minimum of one post per week.

Of course, the more content you share the better!

However, this is a good starting point.

The main key here is consistency. 

You want to show your target audience and search engines that your CBD business is the real deal.

What type of articles should you be posting?

I recommend using a mix of educational blogs along with targeted content depending on your goals.

For example, let’s say you run a CBD beauty business.

Your goal is to increase awareness about your new CBD coconut cream.

With that in mind, you might create a blog about 5 Amazing Benefits of CBD Coconut Creams

This is just one possibility!

The idea is to create content people and search engines will love. 

Need help writing?

I’ve got you covered!

I specialize in professional CBD blog writing services to grow your brand.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been writing about CBD and Cannabis full-time since 2016.

See examples of CBDs blogs I’ve written here: Rachel Garland Portfolio

I can tell you from personal experience along with seeing my client’s experiences…

Blogging is one of the most powerful long-term advertising opportunities available to boost your business.

A post you write today can continue to draw visitors for months and even years into the future.

Invest in educational blog post to build your influence, impact, and income.

5.) Build a CBD Email List of Targeted Subscribers 

hemp-cbd-email-marketing (1).png

If your CBD business is not building a mailing list of targeted subscribers…


What’s a mailing list?

A group of contacts who have signed up (usually through an opt-in form on your website) to stay in contact with you.

Keep in mind a mailing list is NOT the same as your regular email contacts.  

This is a specific group of people who have indicated (by signing up) they’re interested in what you have to offer. 

Building a list subscribers is vital to engaging new and repeat visitors.

Unlike your social media accounts…

You own your list. 

Which means no matter what social media platform is popular at the time, you will always be able to stay in touch with your most loyal contacts.

(So long as you backup your mailing list!) 

This is one of the biggest reasons I advocate CBD email marketing.

Communicating with your list by sending out regular updates such as blog posts, what’s happening at your store, or other relevant updates keeps your CBD business at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

Which means next time they’re thinking about buying a CBD product…

There’s a much higher chance they will purchase from you.

If you’ve read this far…

You now know five proven online marketing strategies you can use to boost your hemp business.

I hope these tips help you start thinking of ways you can strategically advertise your CBD brand But the first step is for you to own a CBD website . You can check this product  and you will surely own a site !!