Basic Concept About Youtube

First of all,let’s discuss about YOUTUBE generally

YouTube Marketing is a crucial strategy to benefit from the massive shift of the web toward video for both internet marketers and online business owners

YouTube is the #1 place to share video content, hands down.

It’s the second-biggest search engine after Google, boasting an incredible 1.9 billion monthly users. Now more than ever, using video in your social media marketing strategy is becoming the norm. From big tech companies to small businesses, marketing teams are incorporating video content regularly into their tweets, stories, and posts.

What is YouTube advertising?

YouTube advertising is integrated into your Google Adwords account. After you create your video ad, you upload it to Google Adwords, select your demographic, customize your target audience, and place it on existing YouTube videos. There are three main types of YouTube ads:

TrueView Ads: The standard ad format on YouTube.
Pre-roll Ads: Can be non-skippable and can be placed before, during, or after the video.
Bumpers: Shortest ad format on YouTube, lasting only six seconds.


How to Create a YouTube Channel (+Gain Subscribers!)

Chances are you’ve watched more than one or two YouTube videos in your lifetime.

When you want to make your own YouTube channel, you can do so in nine simple steps.