Crypto Trading bot

TRADE WITHOUT EMOTIONS Sleep Peacefully and let your bot make all the trading for you all the time!

You want to make money from cryptocurrency but you don't have time? A TRADING BOT is probably the right choice for you. I offers an Automated trading bot with profitable strategy tested for a couple of years. It generates roughly about 1-3% profit daily and 10-50% profit each month.

My Trading Bot Features:

  1. It Monitor 200+ markets simultaneously
  2. 90% accurate (buy and sell profitably)
  3. Auto Stop Loss to manage risk
  4. Telegram Notifications when buy, sell or stop loss

Top 5 reasons to hire me:
1 4+ Years of genuine crypto trading and investment experience
2 Provide a simple and easy to use trading bot which require no programming 

3 i will guide you through the entire process of managing the bot to get desired results

4 Friendly and easy to communicate with 

5100% satisfaction guaranteed

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