🛠️ Elementor Recreate – Square's Sticky Secondary Menu

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  1. John Boyd

    I agree with Babu that the quality of the video should be at least 720 or even 1080. We old guys have a hard time focusing anyways! As a suggestion for the horizontal alignment, on a lot of elements, such as columns, there is the ability under the Layout tab to set the "Content Position" to middle. Nice video, Bjorn!

  2. babu

    Nice content. But not sure why the max video quality is of only 480p . All other videos were of max 720p. It is kinda hard to watch for the blurriness . Also yes we want more recreate videos please 🙂

  3. 1GrecianUrn

    I'm looking forward to more from this series. Great idea! One thing I'd keep in mind is that Elementor being WYSIWYG probably attracts more users like me who don't want to learn any of the coding languages than those who understand the CSS, HTML, and PHP. If you can recreate these pages without going to that frightening stuff, these would be even better. You lose me and probably most Elementor users once you go there. Maybe do everything in Elementor Pro, and just comment quickly what would have had to be done using the free version or what compromises those using the free version could settle for and still have a nice page. Just my two cents. Thanks for an interesting video!

  4. Tribute Salute

    Thanks for sharing another great video as usual. However, I use a Chrome extension called Visual Inspector which provides all the CSS elements upon inspection. If you had used it you could have made this video in 15 minutes as you could have just copied and pasted the codes into the WordPress customizer>css. I have the pro version but you can still do a lot with the free version. Please check it out and let me know what you think. https://www.canvasflip.com/visual-inspector/

  5. D C

    I watched the entire video as you said in the beginning using the Free Version of Elementor however you used pro for the Sticky Header without show how to do the sticky header for free version. Kind of defeated the purpose of your video by side stepping the free method on the sticky header. Highly disappointing! Other than that good video.