Email marketing

1. Time and Frequency

The time at which you sent the campaign is one of the most important elements to focus on email marketing strategy. You may be located in New York, but probably most of your target demographic is in a different time zone. Time of day to receive email users can directly contribute to performance indicators like open rate and click-throughs. Segment your contact list by time zone recipients live in so they receive your message on the clock comfortable and appropriate for them. You can not send the same message at the same time to a global audience or national and hope to reach everyone.

2. Subject Line

The importance of a great subject line can not stress enough-is literally the first thing that is read and the first impression of their “personal” of your brand. An effective subject lines sparked interest and build anticipation content of this email. You need just enough to get users interested, while still remaining faithful to the brand you are under 50 characters. It’s okay to think a little outside the box and allow some creativity flow with the subject line, but keep in mind that simplicity is usually work best.

3. Content: Visual and Copy

Pictures speak louder than words, and this applies to successful email marketing strategy. In general, there should always be more visual than copy in the mail, but it is still profitable to invest in your writing should be. With that being said, the user does not want too much to read. They just want to be able to quickly skim content and get an understanding of the central message. If you have a lot of content to offer your audience, not including all of the email. Use a call to action button (CTA) to direct users to a landing page on your website where they can read the full article. Each email campaign included specific calls to action, whether it is to visit the website, enter your e-mail, or buy something, users are always prompted to react in some way. The more you ask from the user, the more interesting the content needs. CTA needs to stand out from the message so that the reader can easily see and click on it without any inhibiting their action.

4. Optimization for All Devices

Long gone are the days where all users access their inbox from the same email platform on their desktop. users currently connected to email via a smartphone, tablet, desktop, which includes a variety of different devices .. How one person looking at email is not in the same way everyone else does, so as to ensure the accessibility that is not harmful to any email users– responsive design usually the best solution. Being able to optimize the design of email allows the recipients in almost every device and platform imaginable to have a user-friendly experience that allows them to view the content as intended.

5. Personalization

Content which you submit the user via email should be relevant initiatives and delivering significant value. Marketing to the user as an individual personalization and uses no longer need to be exemplified by addressing them by first and last name. Similar to the conversion funnel, the funnel email allow you to target users with content that is more specific as they show signs of progressive interest and come closer to becoming customers. If the user in email database you sign up for your newsletter on a specific blog post, you can segment them based on the relevant content that they show interest.