Fitness Flyer Graphic Design

What makes a flyer stand out?
Keep the content simple

Don’t clutter your flyer with too much imagery and text. Create short yet effective content, and consider the following: Snappy headline or title. Make the headline catchy or provocative using a few carefully chosen words.

Some steps to create the perfect flyer for your business

Golden rules for a good design

Flyers are a very useful communication tool for companies. Flyers can contain a great variety of information about the products or services offered in a convenient way for customers.

For these reasons, flyers are often the first impression a client gets of a brand. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to their design and content. Following a few rules, companies can ensure to convey information in a way that doesn´t send a distorted appearance to the potential customer.

Overall the flyer must have a professional appearance and keep the attention of customers. There are many ways to do it because there are many design techniques (photography, illustrations, and graphic design) and formats to achieve your goals.

  1. Plan the concept

The first step is thinking about what we want to convey. An offer? Showcase? General info about your business? This will vary either the design or the format so it’s better to think it thoroughly before moving forward.

  1. Decide the format

Ok, we already know the goal, now it’s time to decide which format is most suitable. If the idea is to promote an offer, a one-sided flyer should be alright. If your aim is to deliver more information, you may want to use a two-sided or three-sided flyer. The number of sides depends on the amount of things you want to transmit.

Flyer designed by Crystal drink designed Shitu Adebisi E.

  1. Make it simple and direct

Going straight to the point is much better than overwhelming your receivers with too much information. In order to deliver your message correctly, needless data must to be avoided. This is crucial because a lot of people will just skim read the brochure.

  1. Corporative and impacting design

When the time comes to think about the design, it’s advisable to stick to your brand’s identity so that the receiver of your brochure will immediately identify it with your company. Use corporative logo, colours, typography… And very important, do not forget about making an impact! As we already said, people will just glance at your flyer so you have to ensure they will want to keep reading.

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  1. Rank the information

Highlighted titles, words in bold, italic, size of the typography… Play with the graphic elements to rank information and highlight what is most important. Using this kind of resources will help your brochure to be more attractive.

  1. Use graphic resources

Graphic resources such as photography, illustrations and other elements allow us to impress the reader and also to convey our company values. Choose them carefully. A wrong photo could ruin your branding.

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