But first things : 

 I Have to say  on that  long “life path” of a mobile application – from the idea to the moment when it reaches its business goals – it often happens that there are more questions than answers.

Based on my experience, I can say that clients have almost the same problems:

  • platform
  • programming language
  • team…

But the most important one is the correct sequence of actions.

I have identified 9 steps that need to be completed to achieve the main goal in the mobile app development.

Step 1. Idea and Strategy

Nothing to add – it all starts with the clear vision…

Step 2. Perfect Team

It’s great when you have an internal team of engineers, product managers, and designers. If it didn’t happen so – think about searching more yourself

Step 3. Type of Mobile App Development

Is it gonna be a Native, a Hybrid or a Cross-platform app?

I also highly recommend considering creating a PWA site .

Step 4. Platform and Language

Less words more visibility

Step 5. Wireframe

It’s not a design yet, but a black-and-white architecture with functional elements specified.

Step 6. Frontend and Backend

The frontend of an application is everything that a user will see and interact with. The backend is the server-side of your application, its remotely set logic.

Step 7. Testing

Your app’s functionality should be tested on all possible devices, given all possible use cases. This will help identify issues before the product hits the market.

Step 8. Deployment, Market Submission and Monetization

This is about the path to application stores, attracting users, increasing their interest and loyalty and, as a result, making long-awaited profits.

Step 9. Mobile App Maintenance

I don’t want to scare you, but there is a 71% chance your app will be uninstalled within the first 90 days.

Make sure your app is running well and take care of its updating: check the existing features and launch new ones, make prompt bug fixes and add new content.

To sum it up here is a promised Guide to remember and keep handy all the steps that you need to take along the way to guarantee the successful outcome of your mobile application.