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Customer Storefront Account

What We’ll Cover

  • Creating a customer account
  • Signing in to a customer account
  • Customer account features
  • Resetting a customer account password

Allowing your customers to set up storefront accounts is vital for your business. Accounts allow you to optimize your marketing focus to nurture highly active accounts by offering incentives and exclusive promotions based on past orders and other analytic data. Through their accounts, you can grow a relationship with your customers, encouraging them to return to the store again and again, and recommend your business to others.

By creating an account, your customers can check out more quickly and will gain access to additional storefront features, such as returns, reorders, stored credit cards (if enabled), saved addresses, store credit, and wishlists.

For information on enabling and disabling customer account creation, see Managing Customer Accounts. You can also edit customer account details, and assign accounts to customer groups, if your plan includes this feature.

You can require your customers to create an account to check out by disabling Guest Checkout in your store’s Checkout Settings. If you’re looking to add additional fields to the account signup page, see Adding and Editing Fields in the Account Signup Form.


Creating a Customer Account

  1. On your storefront, click Register. By default, all BigCommerce themes include this link at the top of the page. Some themes may use Create Accountor New Account instead.
  2. Fill out all the required Create Account fields on the form.
  3. Click Create Account. You will then be taken to the My Account page.


Signing in to a Customer Account

  1. On your storefront, click Sign In. All BigCommerce themes include this link at the top of the page.
  2. Enter the email address and password for your account, then click Sign In.

You can sign in to a customer account from your control panel by going to Customers › View, then clicking Action › Login in the right column of the customer list.


Customer Account Features

Once logged into their account, customers can access features unavailable to guests. These include:

  • Order Messages
  • Viewing Orders
  • Reordering Products
  • Return Requests
  • Address Book
  • Stored Credit Cards
  • Wishlists
  • Account Settings
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Store Credit

These features may display in the customer’s account management area with another name, depending on your store’s theme.

To create a return request or reorder products from a past order, click on the related order to view its details. Select the products you would like to include, and then click Reorder or Return. See Processing Returns for more information on returns. Selecting Reorder will bring the customer to the cart page with the selected products already added to the cart, ready for check out.


Resetting a Customer Account Password

  1. On your storefront, click the Sign Inor Login link. Most BigCommerce themes have this link at the top of the page, and some themes will display it in the footer as well.

Example of this link located in the footer.

  1. To the right of Sign In, click the Forgot your password?link.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your customer account, then click Reset Password. If a valid email address was submitted, you will see a “Thank you” message.
  3. Within five minutes you should receive an email with the subject line, Password change request for [Store Name]. Click the linkin that email.
  4. Enter your new password twice, once in the New Passwordfield, and a second time in the Confirm Password field, then click Continue. You should see “Your password has been successfully updated.”

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