how to generate real and active mlm leads

  1. Your personal contacts
  2. Do not discount your warm market. I know some of you are saying “I just want to work with people I don’t know”… If you believe in your products and opportunity you will not withhold it from the people you love most. So don’t be selfish! Really you’re just afraid of rejection so if you’re new to network marketing, episode 5 of the podcast will teach you how to approach those closest to you in the most effective way.
  3. Ask for referrals
    Anytime someone says “yes i’d love to buy” or “no you’re crazy” or anything in between ask the question “who do you know who would be open to learn more about _________”
  4. Get out and meet new people
    If you feel like you’re “running out” of people to talk to in your warm market, go expand your warm market. Think of yourself as a professional friend finder. Don’t lead with the pitch. Lead with friendship. You can go to the gym, concerts, club, or anywhere else you find people who could genuinely become future friends.
  5. . Attend community events
    There are topic specific community events happening in most decent sized city’s. Just google your city name and community events and see what comes up. As best you can, find events that your target market would be most likely to attend.
  6. Hold a booth at a farmers markets
    Episode 20 of the Network Marketing Mastery Podcast will teach you how to rock this strategy.
  7. Run a booth at an expo or festival
    If you’re in a fitness company pony up some money for a booth at a big fitness expo and with some of the strategies in Episode 20 you could get enough contacts to keep you busy for a couple months!
  8. Giveaway in a store or restaurant
    Reach out to a local shop owner and ask if you can put a fishbowl or jar with a flyer at their checkout counter. On the flier ask people to fill out a little form or toss their business card into the jar to enter a giveaway. I’ve seen this work well when done right. Not a strategy I’ve personally used however.
  9. Networking Events
    Networking events are lame. I’m not a fan, BUT some people love them and know how to rock them! The key is to make sure that you focus on how you can help THEM with their businesses! Nobody comes to a networking event to learn about an MLM.. So don’t approach them with your company until later when the relationship is solid. Serve first!
  10. Leave samples for your product in public places (get permission obviously)
    This strategy is similar to the giveaway strategy above. I remember walking into a used kids stuff store recently and seeing a distributor had left a bunch of little samples stapled to their cards. Might work, but definitely a tad too passive for me. =)
  11. Teach free events
    Health shops, libraries, universities and several other places often open up their space for free educational events. All you have to do is approach them with an education based event idea and they will likely promote it to their email list or at least let you put up a flier at the location to attract new people. I’ve done this with libraries and health shops successfully.

12.                   Great tools to meet new people locally

  1. Meetup Website/App
    Episode 24 of the podcast goes in depth on how to use Meetup to build your Network Marketing business.
  2. . Nextdoor App
    Nextdoor is a social media platform that connects you with others who live in your same neighborhood. It’s pretty cool. Episode 75 goes in depth on this app. I’ve been using this one a lot late
  3. Shapr
    Is connected to Linked In and is a great way to connect with local professionals in your area.

16.  Online prospecting strategies for MLM

17.  Your personal Facebook profile
Episode of the podcast talks about how to really maximize the benefits of your personal Facebook profile for building your business.

  1. Facebook groups
    Facebook groups can be a great way to find new connections. PLEASE do not just go pitching your products and opportunity in groups. You’ll never get a result doing this and it will just get you blocked. Instead start relationships! You are a professional friend finder! Start conversations and build rapport with people then when it’s the right timing approach them with what you have to offer.
  2. Linked in
    Obviously linked In is a great platform to use to connect with professionals. I haven’t used it at all to prospect personally but I know many people that have.
  3. Linked in groups
    Same concept as Facebook groups. Look to connect, build rapport and deepen the relationship offline if possible before you go pitching people. Just be a normal human.
  4. Instagram
    I have a ton of training on Instagram over in my Online Network Marketing Mastery We’ve had huge results using Instagram for both prospecting and pulling in leads (aka marketing).
  5. Online forums
    Find an online forum related to your product category (weight loss, fashion, makeup, holistic, mlm etc…) and become a valuable contributor who people trust for advice.
  6. Reddit
    Reddit will eat you alive if you’re not careful so proceed with caution lol but you will find genuine people looking for answers there as well.. Twitter
    I’m also not a huge Twitter user but a bazillion people use it to pull in leads and to prospect. Definitely a topic to learn more about.
  7. Guest on podcasts
    If you’re not ready to commit to doing your own podcast, be a guest on someone else’s. This strategy is similar to guest posting and is great for exposure.
  8. People search on YouTube all day long.
  9. Think about what others might be searching for and create content around those topics. I’ll be doing a bunch more training on this in the near future because it’s really starting to work well for us.