How Your Network Can Hurt You – Grant Cardone

The people you know will determine how far you go in life. If you have a money problem, it’s because of your network (or lack of one). Your network will either …

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  1. ScHoolBoi Hue

    Who knows you so you can grow your network which grows your net worth! This can lead into people highly talking about you and growing your connections with various of people and opportunity to make money! Great video!

  2. Oluwa Shagoon

    YOU RIGHT GRANT … MOST PPL THAT I KNOW ARE TOO CAUGHT UP IN REGULER SURVIVAL LIFE … I cant go too that many ppl for help unless im selling sox or water lol but I make it my business to network to meet new ppl every day …IM COMMITED

  3. Pete Scott

    Uncle G making waves as always! I've been teaching sales to companies for the last decade and x 100 my biz in that market, a lot of it thanks to listening to you. Now, in 2019, I made a decision to teach sales to the world and this is my number one rule "make sure people know who I am." Already posting daily videos here on YT and LinkedIn. Thanks GC, watch out for this name, Pete Scott. My goal is to be knocking on your office door in Miami later this year.

  4. Daniel Iles

    Who you known opens contacts for you to reach. Just because people know you doesn’t mean they will reach out and make a change. Warrant buffet might know me but never be motivated to give me that top stock tip 😉 you better bet if I knew warren I would be meeting him at McDonald’s every morning trying to get in a conversation.

  5. Mind Islands

    So True! The people we are around form who we can become. We can see so often though that many people are desperately trying to 'get approval' from their network that they do not realise that asking for approval is 'taking' rather than 'giving'. When we all work interdependently as a collection and accept that we all have gifts and skills that we can share between each other we can become so much more than we ever imagined.