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    Part 2 – E-commerce Interview Questions (Advanced)
    Let us now have a look at the advanced E-commerce Interview Questions

    Q6. Explain the advantages to society because of e-commerce?

    Answer. It helps in reducing the cost of products because of which more and more people can use the product. It helps in enabling the rural areas to access the service and products because of which they can use any product what all others are using in town or cities. It helps the government to deliver public services such as healthcare, education, and social service at minimal cost and in a better manner. Most importantly no need to travel anywhere, the products will be delivered to the defined address and which benefits the customer, organization, and environment as well.

    Q7. Tell us which different sector e-commerce applications are available in the market?

    Answer. The applications are mainly available for many different sectors or areas, from those areas some are like books, music, financial services, home electronics, mobiles, entertainment, apparels, travel services, toys, movie tickets, information, gifts and computer products, accessories etc.
    Let us move to the next E-commerce Interview Questions.

    Q8. What are the short-comings of e-commerce?

    Answer. E-commerce required lot of initial set up cost for creating the website of application. There can be the trust issue on site as traditional buyers like to go for traditional commerce with interaction or communication. It is really difficult to ensure the security or privacy to online transactions and stored data. We can just view the product virtually not in reality as sometimes the delivered product looks different from the expectation. Internet access is still not available for everyone and everywhere, which makes difficult for organization reach there and expand their market like remote villages. There can be a delay in launching the application or website because of mistakes, issues or unavoidable circumstance and lack of experience.

    Q9. Explain the B2C business model briefly?

    Answer. This is the advanced E-commerce Interview Questions asked in an interview. This B2C business model sells the product directly to customers. The customers can easily view the products on the website and choose the product from the different varieties and order the product accordingly. The ordered product will be delivered to the address and in between all the transit updates are sent to the customer via SMS or email notification as per the choice of the customer only.

    Q10. How does e-commerce work?

    Answer. When a customer needs any product to buy, a customer goes to the website and choose the product that he wants to buy. After selection of product, a customer will select the mode of payment whether it is online or offline and after that product will checkout and ordered. The ordered products information has been exchanged to customer and delivery logistics. This process is being done in just matter of minutes only. For e-commerce enablement, getting internet merchant bank account, webs hosting, obtaining the digital certificate, provider for online transactions and purchasing or creating the shopping cart software.

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