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    (B) Difference between E-commerce and Traditional Commerce?
    1 Exchange of Traditional Commerce and E-Commerce :
    Traditional commerce focuses on the exchange of products and services through personal interactions and is therefore manual while e-commerce trading activities are online via the internet and can be considered automatic
    2 Timing of Traditional Commerce and E-Commerce :
    Traditional commerce is limited to time business hours mostly during the day while e-commerce is 24/7, it can be done anytime day and night
    3 Physical Interaction in Traditional Commerce and E-Commerce :
    Traditional commerce allows a buyer to be physical inspect goods and test out services before making a purchase. Conversely, with e-commerce, products and services are not examined physically.
    4 Face to Face :
    As far as consumer interactions are concerned, traditional commerce provides face to face. On the other hand, e-commerce can be termed as screen to face interaction.
    5 Geographical location:
    Traditional commerce is limited to a particular geographical location while e-commerce is global and has no physical limitation.
    6 Platform in Traditional Commerce and E-Commerce:
    With traditional commerce, there’s no uniform platform for information exchange. Contrariwise, e-commerce has a unique uniform platform for exchanging information
    7 Business relationship:
    Business relationships with conventional commerce is linear while with e-commerce it is end to end.

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