Admin Columns Pro WordPress Plugin



Columns Admin Pro WordPress Plugin

Save time WordPress Content Management

Manage columns that display the amount of your WordPress admin screens and sort, filter, Edit and export your content material with greate ease.

Add columns to meet your needs

With columns Admin, you can add columns in imitation of you preview pages if the expectations you MAKE advise more vital information. For example, the label you assigned according to a weblog post, the tags you’ve added or aggregation beach regarding the words of the article.

You are able to sort and filter the content is mainly based on the content of the pillar; and the game is beneficial to waiting you execute almost complete content beyond the preview screen itself.

Lightning Quick Edit

Change your messages in addition to start. With online editing, you can accomplish your messages directly on the cover page set up. You want to change after the selected image, Gather tags and delete the title of your job? Just click on “Inline Edit” but you can do fabulously whole lot about you more fields faster you run Prayer “Administrative columns.”

Sort your content

Sometimes you want to agree with you sort messages using the length, aggregation comments or size the images. While WordPress lets you type with the title, date, comments, and the author, the type of administration almost columns perform a certain type of content you want, including comments, customers and the media.

We save more than your private pillar desire today Sorted so when you appear low back the content is sorted only access you have it left.

Filter Columns

We know how these goes: the extra content material you add, the harder that gets under the post or find the web page you are looking for. By filtering the recordings you make thin below learn to imitate the positions you need in imitation of view. An essential feature if you just need according to adviser posts beyond last month, because for example.

You can allow for filtering distinctly a good deal all types of content. A bill allows easy drop you choose in accordance with the options you want after filter. It is still easy and quick as you still Uses suggests exactly as you need based view.

Create multiple columns games

Is your chastity as young after entire columns match between your preview page?

We’re puts stagnation in gender one-of-a-kind views of your monitors seconds. Decide which columns go where stagnancy accept without problems change between these sets including a dropdown menu.

Limit your play special roles to stagnancy still customers according to edit the Web page overview more effective for specific tasks.

Export to CSV

With the export function on administrative columns, you can you originally very own custom exports regarding your WordPress content material from a CSV. You run a custom export decision by filter and then removing content material you first.


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Product Version: 4.7.2

Product Last update: 27/08/2019

License: GPL


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