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Clean WordPress administration panel and make sure that your customers do not break things by accident

Hide menus beyond the roles or users

Edit menu permissions along just a few clicks. Click on a role, uncheck the elements of the bill that you need to hide, then check those that amount necessary to imitation show. You can also exchange authorizations due unaccompanied users. For example, you had to hide a bill absolutely everyone except you, and give a user access after a particular administration web page without altering their role.

Organize the menu along and draw down

WordPress get easier with use by the displacement of years fast invoice items according to the above. You can also move the menu items of some sub-menu to another, imitating the main menu. Do you want a high-level link under “Add new message”, and in imitation of a particular plug-in? You can use that. You have a plugin like puts his peace without administration Web page from the wrong place? Move as after “Settings” instead.

Choose next to invoice more than 600 icons

The plugin is such a huge series of icons next to Dashicons or FontAwesome war policies. You add your own icons PNG and GIF in the library media, but add the URL manually battle. You add more icons to the submenu items.

Change colors bills

Change the background, text, icon, and color projector. You can apply your changes depending on the overall administration menu, but customize the simplest coloring elements.

Create current menu items

You can gather own links in imitation of the administration menu. You can expunge a tailored bill which incorporates the thing published and the Web page in the WordPress admin. Finally, it is sustainable according to create non-clickable items, which carry still beneficial because of things like the part headers in complex administration menus.

Make open the menus between a further one tab iframe

Send you build a web page for a non-technical customer yet you want to change in accordance with a tutorial page and an external service seems like it’s piece on WordPress. The “Open in: Framework” alternative to be able to help with this. The display choice of the web page linked to a frameless limits. To be complete, a “new window” option (ie target = “_ blank”) is also included.

Settings Import and export menu

Export your appearance admin menu according to a file after import as another site.

Hide plug-ins

Hide odd entries of the page “Plugins”. As with menu items, you will cover everyone’s, or just beyond specific user roles yet.

Apply your brand

Branding Use the add-on to change the brand penurity WordPress image with your own. You do share the WordPress logo, customize the login page, rotate the color of Directors cover version of WordPress and bottom replace notifications, or and.

Change the admin bar

The bar option add-on tool bar Editor you can customize Admin, which is also considered the toolbar like WordPress. You do not hide items in the toolbar, change their discipline, including drag and drop, rename items, assemble recent links and more.


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Product Version: 2.9.1

Product Last update: 24/08/2019

License: GPL


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