Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual



Advanced custom fields multilingual


In its almost easier way, ACF is a user interface because the values ​​of custom discipline release after publishing target or because almost multilingual plugins create a new post, because each translation is convenient because the ACF according to action by your multilingual website without someone formal needed.

This grant will address treaty because of a successful multilingual installation ACF.


The factory plugin WPML well along the ACF. These are the partial guidelines or recommendations according to edit ensure that the website runs smoothly:

  1. Activate subject translation team

Before developing a group of subjects, choose to enable the “field groups” kind of post because the translation option. This is feasible with the help of WPML -> Administration page translation.

The alternative because “Fields” has been hidden from the latest variations of the ACF, however postulate visible, be enthusiastic license “fields”, ie “do nothing” as like in imitation stay away of conflicts then loaded fields.

  1. Translate field groups

Every desire language requires its own transport for a group of subjects. Flow job easier is that gender crew subject in the speech nonexistence still below the tool uses ‘duplicate’ in imitation of creating a team of discipline doubled between modern language. You already writing the field label, however the name of the field configuration must remain constant throughout entire translations. This is due to the fact ACF uses the field name in imitation of retail IT data.

  1. Edit a post

When modifying an entry, only the relevant language subject agencies will remain loaded.

To make transport in relation to the post, you can also use the tool of equality ‘duplicate’ as above, but keep definitive imitation click the ‘Translate Regardless’ button in accordance with custom fields prevent placing translated It is modified by using authentic post.

  1. Avoid Data Loss

When editing an entry, the intention WPML show METABOX containing a list of integers custom fields and preferences in accordance with ‘Translate’ yet ‘Copy’ data. These settings can be prevented efficiently ACF data of salvation, then it is essential, according to apprehend when using them.

The ‘Copy’ placement is (change in post update) copy through the only entrance costs however, replace the value of the translated message. Consider this up to expectations placement now not Exchange then the message has been saved ‘Translate’ therefore posit you bear elected ‘Copy’, ACF now desire not lie able to store a single cost because the translated message.

Placement ‘Translate’ do nothing, or allow retail ACF effectively as subject statistics in imitation of the post.

Your choice takes into account the expectations WPML indicates the values ​​of personalized secret discipline, so ‘_image’. These should not now be copied so virtue relates to a field however, due to the fact each field is different because each translation, these have to be well. In short, skip fields underlined however go as as ‘Translate’


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