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Anticipating Elegant Themes WordPress Plugin

Anticipate is a plug-in maintenance mode at this amount makes you think you idolize with visitors exchange “coming soon” page while mission on building your website background. Once activated, all about your traffic for lying sent according to Anticipating touchdown page. Once logged in as administrator WordPress, however, your normal thing appears, allowing you comply with building your website seamlessly in the background.

Perpetual Updates

Our themes are constantly updated as to determine the usefulness, including the modern model of WordPress. As a member, you get reach the arbitrary admission according to all theme updates. You can rest easy to understand what amount you wish to remain permanently website running smoothly.

Secure and valid code

Our use of higher encoding practical subjects conform to assure that amount they are fast or secure. Our questions are W3C compliant then wear regular security audits. Our top class insurance topics concerning a characteristic level generally determined by themes continuously.

Browser compatibility

We see so much on all our themes are well suited with the most popular Web browsers. It is essential that amount your website properly done because of all the bodies that visits him.

unparalleled support

We Eke a store on the effort between transmit high-end technology help after each about our customers. With our worth of aid devoted to you back, you remain sure what amount you bear your blog or walk without a grain not matter how your experience is.

full localization

All of our themes bears were located for the practice translation. Included in each case are then .po .mo units document as not being old accordance translate the theme, you will not ability to imitate hours embezzle modification of PHP files.

plugin options

Anticipating a practice is particular in accordance with the page using Web selections and leaves much to imitate you configure the plug-ins in minutes.

Progress bar

Anticipating along comes an account elastic countdown and progress bar, support you in accordance with hype building hit you next version before even ready.

collection Email

The plug-ins include a paid subscription email structure that approves site visitors interested conjoin after their email address in imitation of an interest list. These emails are stored in the database and keep exported perform next in the Preferences page.

social Networking

social icons are brought after visiting the page quickly, allowing you in accordance with your online presence grow and get consistently before your website even launches.


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Product Version: 1.7.1

Product Last update: 10/05/2016

License: GPL


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