FS Poster – WordPress auto poster & scheduler

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Product Version: 3.2.2

Product Last update: 09/27/2019

License: GPL


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FS Cartel – WordPress Auto Poster and programmer

compatible conventional networks

You will still be able to post under your posts / pages / products to 9 social networks simultaneously:

Facebook (accounts, non-public pages, favorite pages, agencies)

Twitter (accounts)

Instagram (accounts)

Google+ (debts, communities)

Linkedin (accounts, companies)

Pinterest (accounts)

Reddit (debts)

Tumblr (airplane)

com (accounts, pages, groups, events)

All features

Easy to use faux then easy to use modern interface.

Posting WordPress, pages, media.

8 integrated associative networks.

Configure unlimited accounts, communities over each of the social media.

Total accounts then rule on each communities.

WooCommerce integrated. Post WooCommerce products.


schedule messages

schedules pause / play

View records schedules, messages that touch complete

complete records

Hyperlink track visits

Fully customize Posting

URL only

URL shortener supported (Bitly, TinyURL)

because all social networks supported proxy

It runs uses mailing labels, classes, namely a hashtag in publications

custom post type support

fully translatable

To use personal applications, because it includes social accounts

To add a Facebook tab so that three method. The major focus is easy email and password

Groups autoloading Facebook / My Pages / Pages liked beyond Facebook

Companies autoloading beyond LinkedIn LinkedIn account

VK autoloading Pages / Groups / Events out of Facebook

instagram later stories (intention to post hyperlink consist of a robot now that the calculation is buissnes story still has 10k + followers)

supports Emoji




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