Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin

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Product Version: 2.1.9

Product Last update: 09/09/2019

License: GPL


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Perks gravity WordPress Plugin

What are Perks?

Perks plugins are driven by the use of rewards gravity,

Instant collecting services due to gravity forms.

Nested forms GP

Create types in rates due to better management in connection with complicated shapes. Formception!

GP Unique ID

Generate special identifiers (ie, the message numbers, codes, account numbers, etc.) on lean for inputs of gravity form.

Conditional GP prices

Create flexible pricing, subject to you the fields of manufacturing forms of gravity.

Limit choices GP

Or often limit the choice may also be elected because of multiple choice fields (for example, radio buttons, drop Downs, check boxes, etc.).

GP deadlines

Limit which days can be selected for Gravity Forms selector date fields.

GP preview presentation

Add a simple preview genuflect after customers confirm permissions according to their own presentation is just before submitting the form.

GP dates conditional logic

It enables date fields under age stay within the forms of conditional logic gravity.

GP multi-page navigation

Navigate within pages shortly structure by converting steps hyperlinks page page still developing your own custom links web pages.

GP e-commerce fields

Forms of additional gravity do use e-commerce including support for taxes, discounts, subtotal fields.

GP presentations limit

Limit the variety of entries to make lie against expectation through almost anything (eg, user, role, IP, the value subject).

GP better user activation

Take your standard for gravity forms page user activation.

Library Media GP

Income automatically uploaded documents (images, documents, etc.) according to the Library of WordPress media for submitting the form.

Combine GP publish content labels

Adds support due to gravity dip Form tags within content publishing.

GP live preview

Preview your forms relating to the interface relative to your site.

Creating an entry Disable GP

Disabling creation dish structure along the shapes of gravity.

GP Prices

Specify a minimum / maximum penalty because the product fields “User-defined Price”.

Reload form GP

Update consonant forms an AJAX presentation. Useful for conditions in which you would like to agree to allow bending multiply without refreshing the page.

Limit GP checkboxes

They limit what many marked boxes remain.

Terms of Service GP

Add “Terms relating to repairs to the” discipline agree with you ways.

Word Count GP

Limit the amount of words I keep that amount, presented on a single line text, paragraph text then the post body fields.

GP email users

Send a quick email in accordance with clients facing all who hold precisely.

Payment GP Word

Create products that calculate an aggregation based on the range of sentences from a paragraph in relation to the field Message body.

GP placeholder

Add support for HTML5 placeholders in imitation of the forms of gravity.

GP PayPal payment only

Add a one-time charge according to the previous rate in a standard subscription PayPal.

GP Enlarge Textareas

areas of tiny text between the executive form EXECUTE remain a challenge! Load text areas secretarial in the form of a grommet hole manners, and easy editing.

Copy Cat GP

Allow users according to the replica of the penalty in accordance with any subject other routinely however, by clicking a check box. Is that the delivery address as well as your billing? Copy Cat!

GP automatic logon

automatically block users log in below.

GP blacklist

You validate structure to WordPress opinion blacklist.

GP read-only

Mark fields namely structure of your read-only agree to allow customers after seeing the information is subject, but not altered.


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