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See seriousness WordPress Plugin

The best way to display imitation gravity Forms entries regarding your website

So shipments are currently useful content.

Set high expectations for easy collection of content material in accordance with work using these designs:

More in line with respecting Love GravityView

Compatible serious forms of supplements

GravityView manufacturing along forms of official gravity whole add-ons. We act correctly with the ecosystem of gravity forms.


GravityView is available between English, Turkish, Bengali, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese and Romanian. I would not advise your language? Contribute a translation!

import CSV

Want, according to data from the arrival of a CSV file in imitation of uses within the forms of gravity? No problem! We import forms gravity plug-in entries

Featured posts

They want tickets in particular in accordance with continuously exhibited for the first time? Simply “star” including management dashboard and voila!

impressive stand beside Rafael, Kiefer, and Zack

We’re here, we’re real, and we’re fine. We preserve the plugin or want our customers. We tend to use emoji between our responses. Please ask a question, and simply to talk, Hello!

large directories because you paid

Use a supplement payment for forms of gravity, set his sight, and like expectations you bring a paid directory!

Front End make entries

edit entries in the bent end on your site, inside the only way forms gravity. GravityView allows users to agree to write their own ticket, too! You choose anyone can edit, or are the fields you can edit.

DataTables integration

GravityView deeply integrated with data tables, the top letter for the job because of tabular data. Browse, filter, with all inputs along with updates of stay. Included along the Core + then all access levels allows extensions.

Gravity flow and gravity PDF and GFChart

GravityView works very well with GravityFlow, Gravity PDF and GFChart more work too, along with your data forms.

Constant improvement

In the past year, we have taken a common adjustments after GravityView 12.58 through the week. That’s more than 50 improvements under GravityView in the previous month. This is the data-stay operable we are strong!


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