HBook – Hotel booking system – WordPress Plugin

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Product version: 08/01/10

Product Last update: 08/31/2019

License: GPL


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optimize thrive

Increase conversion rates by registering twins output or additional versions of a page.

Here, for example does: simple, fast, especially high quality you test A / B, directly from your WordPress website.


Fast A / B Testing: Easily done the A / B because of your messages WordPress landing pages then Thrive Architect

Unlimited tests: run as many tests as the amount you want, similtaneously and in sequence. No limitations

Unlimited variations test: tests run over 2, 3, four versions however, on the other hand want deep mourning

Conversion objectives 3: Choose according to measurement “page visit”, “submission structure opt-in” still “income” namely metamorphosis goals

Custom traffic distribution: evenly distribute site visitors each verification issues and participate own relationship

Detailed reports: Read the small print or touching their assessments are carried out, and statistical value

Automatic Feature Winner: That Thrive Optimize crunching the numbers or pick the variation triumphing for you, autopilot

100% visual editing: Optimize Thrive is an add-on after thrive Architect, the end effector near top visible appearance due to WordPress

Start a current time because your website: that like you definitely bring a test / B on a regular basis and experience pleasure in connection with increasing conversion rates.


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