I will send out 40k SMS bulk daily to your targated area

5% cashback for your next order if you take action now. We will always compensate action takers.

I will send 40,000 bulk message to boost your business


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Bulk SMS is sending text messages to multiple phone numbers at the same time using internet-based services. It is used widely by individuals, churches, companies, schools, politicians, campaigns etc.

Why SMS Marketing?SMS marketing is the medium that takes your brand to new heights in 2019. Are you using it yet? People receive alot of emails now that they dont take email alert seriously but SMS Marketing is different. 

People are always connected to their phones.

We live in a mobile-first world where people of all ages are increasingly becoming glued to their smartphones. In fact, it’s been recorded that, on average, people check their phones a whopping 80 times per day. 

As a result, it’s no wonder why open rates for SMS marketing typically hover around 82 percent. This is why SMS marketing works.

Note 1: This gig price is for USA phone numbers, to get a quote for your country or the country you want to send the numbers to please contact us before making your order

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    I don;t think this will work But If it Work as I want , I will be back for more very soon .Extremely happy about this service .Top notch

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