Perfmatters WordPress Plugin

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Product Version: 1.4.2

Product Last update: 10/01/2019

License: GPL


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Perfmatters WordPress Plugin


We include constantly new features after the plugin perfmatters accordance help you speed on your WordPress website also more! Our action conforms to discern the oversea performance hacks you do not take. Check the function of today oversea set below.


We prospered plugin perfmatters including simplicity of spirit. We use all optimizations on this on our own sites still are hot in accordance with providing a practical course for you according to our days are too! No messing long articles or your functions.php file. Performance optimization should not hold in accordance with yet support complex where all the run support enabled / disabled with one click.

The main way this plugin allows the speed on your website online is the way to disable things like this can now not old your site. For example, using non-appearance emoji load on each individual page on your site. If you do not use them, it is fairly slow. By disabling the script masses are not yet, then you reduced the standard range of HTTP requests or the size of your page. Another full-size optimization is consistent with the government that you publish revisions. These can quickly admit to you still slow database below your site. By limiting you can ensure rapid database or abrupt.

perfmatters Settings

As you run parley below, the set is a toggle with a single click. There is also an on tooltip next hand in imitation of all links some as consistent with our optimization knowledge base thesis. This way you can analyze more about where did this or why you might need to disable it again such leave permits.

Manager scripts

The perfmatters plugin has also now integrated scripts manager. This allows you after disable scripts on a per post / page. This is quite powerful and be able to greatly expand the speed that concern you WordPress websites (especially your homepage). A temperate examples of what is old to run:

The famous masses of the plugin Contact Form 7 for each page post yet. You perform as easily turn in all places with some clicking or authorize only on our Checkout page.

social media distribution plugins must keep loaded only with regard to the messages you. You can safely disable all places and attribute types only put on the spot, but also types set up to measure.


DNS prefetching is practical tab under the extras perfmatter alongside along with the ability to authorize accordance accessibility mode. Accessibility ensures that our color dashboard plugin MANUFACTURE fully with dignity players, much as we are after bright afford to everyone.

Examples of sites using WordPress plugin perfmatters

Here are examples of incomplete WordPress websites faster than that amount are the use of plug-in perfmatter. It is essential to bear in mind the expectations of the plug-in is not a magic wand. It will not fix any incorrect as by magic on your site. However, you should optimize your site and then perfmatters plugin desire to help speed more too. This plugin is for those anyone who needs to shave imitation of the way each and every ms charging time beyond their WordPress site!


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