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Product Version: 1.3.7

Product Last update: 09/25/2019

License: GPL


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Reforms Pro – Business

Build the most amazing ways, Fast

Faster Form Builder

Smith blazingly fast along attracting and decay characteristics. It also comes with preview options stay

integrated templates pre

reforms come along more than 25 timber-framed according to the retailer your valuable time pre templates. Pass the era of things more.

Help for modules

16+ practical modules After meeting with the trip even better. MailChimp to Salesforce has such incomplete on the narrow popular names.

Customizable custom fields

33+ use custom fields to your forms. Along with the inclusion of selections customization above fulfilled their fields

Response forms

Now, you do not carry agree to worry about their ideal forms no longer because more than one resolutions. Create types that are sensitive enough to care imitation of a screen.

Multistep forms

reforms come over capacity in accordance with the spread of varieties of several steps after makeup. Therefore, it makes it less difficult because of its staff in imitation of the admission of outdoor one way

Configure your forms to your imagination

Use anytime, anywhere

Use the short code for the forged forms, including weForms somewhere between your site. There are no restrictions as to time and place.

Conditional logic

Apply good judgment conditional varieties to achieve more interactive. Establishing prerequisites regarding insurance based entirely certain events / actions.

Configuration of the modules

Use modules built in imitation of the ways edit your additional also functional. Give your customers a different journey of others

Support Google Maps

Use the famous Google Maps in its forms. Simply activate the API keys still start using


Next take payments without delay its forms. This makes the much simpler method because users.

To redirect any direction

You, Setup option so you look for the option pursuant to redirect your customers anywhere you need them too.

Conditional restrictions

Want accordance with avoiding certain users regarding safe conditions? easily operate the use of simple adjustments incorporated

Anti-spam features

Keep spammers outside use reCaptcha verification, anti-spam features. There is lack of conformity of relying on something else

Import from Other

Fear not if you had been using any other. Easy start importing preferences let you wherever you left off.

Expiration dates

Establish a persimmon disappearance because of your types due to automation of their work. Choose your time, date or start kneading presentations.

More powerful options for Data Analysis Form

Take your data with you

Export statistics information straight because of your own use of more than one format. No need to rely solely on the reforms.


Trouble keeping builders including payment in the form sleazy. View all transactions that amount occur using actual aged types listed.

Personalized email notification

Get customizable email notification due to the presentation of each person. In short, it is a function, along with reforms and not have to make a necessity under which he had others.

View all entries

A bill solves the record amount intestinal reforms under observation at all. View, analyze more agile.

Presentation Management

Manage presentations beyond its proper form within WordPress. He had completed important points about how it used to be presented, where, then how

Integration support

Send data according to your preferred platforms using integrations. Combine all your favorite application and then make an incredible experience


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