WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder

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Product Version: 1.5.10

Products Last Updated: 15/05/2019

License: GPL


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WooCommerce Email Customizer with Drag and Drop Email Builder

Revolutionary WooCommerce Email Customizer including later Drag Drop builder. Customize the whole thing between WooCommerce Order Email notification email with drag and decay Editor.

Email Customizer now supports WooCommerce Email Subscription

Add a logo, header, footer, body text, paragraph text custom, neighboring icons, then the larger picture together with a simple, intuitive interface stretch decline. Create professional, beautiful transactional emails to your WooCommerce shop online

Say goodbye accordance with a template that is based entirely email plugin where you can only edit the header footer yet. Hiya said after the constructor emails that help you give birth to a beautiful, transactional emails depend not print subscribers

Watch a quick demo video: Drag yet to drop a mail Editor

IMPORTANT NOTE: The email templates for all customers is not a command. While the creation of the email, your players pray in accordance with the intention to choose the system after the data EXAMPLE assign. This is simply because the pattern is then up to the expectations you will come realtime preview on the design of an e-mail. So choose to operate misunderstanding

What is the difference in the adjustment of other electronic mail

Well, close the customizer email plugin you consent after just compile the header, footer and then add the logo. Some bear only desire predetermined template.

But our plugin allows to you to build your personalized e-mail and electronic mail including builder is easy to use. The constructor is like a web page where you draw the elements of decay as a block of text, paragraphs block, block images and achieve them.


You run effect of a treatment of language email template. Example: The e-mail template for English, others in Spanish, but several others in France. So if a buyer visiting your site between the French sound and then make a reservation, email template desire french old lied to send an email.

Item list subscribers the choice of staying in a speech due to the fact we use a list of non-appearance of WooCommerce items together with hooks. It is also fit together WPML. So bad WooCommerce gadget supplied list or text will stay into the language of the customer’s choice.

Why you should adjust WooCommerce email?

A good email experts who provide much worth the extra after your on-line business. It tells you whether you are an expert, how much makes you. In addition, a very good company acts in accordance with the email-style ship. You do not want your business in accordance with the impression retrograde coming by sending an email ugly search.

Retaining customers visit back for more by using well-designed delivery, expert transactional email

That’s what we bring carry husky then falls email forger according to thy woocommerce customize transactional email. Just draw or drop text, headings, pictures, paragraphs, block content, buttons or more. And using a short code corresponding to consist of the main content such as details of regularity, client information, billing address, shipping overcome and much more.

main feature

Strong attractive then falls email erector created together with Vue.js

15+ elements such as text, images, buttons, paragraphs, conventional icons and more

Customize the whole lot of you WooCommerce notification email system

Include powerful notes as a summary of rules, patron information, the product between the rules using a short code

Short codes will be replaced dynamically lie along their WooCommerce information before mail is delivered to the customer

Add your logo, or header, footer, physical adjusted later more

Displays the details of the rules, customer information, contacts and much more.

Live preview your changes. Use the rule after a suggestion how many emails you seem to be like

Send electronic mail checks to validate you design

Adjust all WooCommerce Transactional Email.

Support for managers WooCommerce Custom Order Status

Support for WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor (official Plugin)

WordPress Multi-site compatible


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