WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager



WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders File Manager

Put your WordPress media library in imitation of the next level with folders / categories. was equipped with thousands of images on. Organize media in folders.

RML (Real Media Library) is a wordpress plugin on the most wanted media. It is easy to imitate uses when you approve pursuant to organize thousands of images in folders. It is comparable to imitation among categories like wordpress posts.

Use your mouse (or key) to drop even drag your files. Create, rename, remove even reorder your files if you need to choose a photograph of the “Select an image” -dialog (e. G. The selected image) you can filter and insert the media. Just install this plug-in or mill it excellent and each image tone even multimedia files. It also supports multi-site.

The library Real Media offers total scalability of high quality because the means developers. For example you do not install a third party plugin after birth records physically about your FTP server (wp-content / uploads) and in accordance with the records, including Synchronize Lightroom. For additional bears appear an extensions known to RML.

If you buy, you get: updates forever FREE or high exorcism and fast support.

Envato license market: Extended Play does not Cowl several uses. You must purchase in accordance with regularly so extensive allows for each site.


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Product Version: 4.5.4

Product Last update: 09/07/2019

License: GPL


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