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Product Version: 1.5.5

Product Last update: 08/05/2019

License: GPL


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WP faster Cache WordPress Plugin

This plugin creates fixed html beside you brawny WordPress blog.

When a page is rendered, php and mysql are used. Therefore, dictation wants RAM and CPU.

If visitors dense site enter in imitation of a site, the law uses much about RAM, the page where CPU is celebrated so slowly.

In this case, you need a cache of law more in imitation of organizing the web page again and again.

cache rule generates a set html and make saves. Other users achieve under some html pages.

Configuration regarding the plugin, it is so easy. You do not want to conform to edit the .htaccess file. It remains automatically changed desires.


WPFC now does not help WordPress Multisite.


Mod_Rewrite which is the fastest technique is used in this plug-in

All documents are deleted from the cache when implemented yet Page is published

Admin to expel all documents cached next to the Preferences page

Admin can eliminate minified js files and css page selection

cache block due to the specific page still submit short code along

Cache Timeout – All records are deleted cached at the time determined

Cache Timeout due to specific pages

Enable / Disable hiding alternative because mobile devices

Enable / Disable selection cache because the connected users

SSL support

CDN support

Cloudflare support

Cache preloading – Create cache the entire web page automatically

Exclude pages or user agents


Generation stationary html files beyond your potential WordPress blog

Shrink Html – You can decrease the amount on page

Shrink CSS – You can reduce the size of CSS files

Enable gzip compression – Reduce the amount regarding the documents sent beyond your server in accordance with increase the speed at which they are transferred pursuant to the browser.

Leverage browser cache – Reduce the instances of the load page because repeat visitors

Combine CSS – Reduce variety of HTTP return trips by combining multiple sources in a CSS

combine JS

Disable Emoji – You can quote css online emoji and emoji-wp-release.min.js


中文 (by suifengtec)



Español (Diplo)

French (by PascalJ)

Italiana (Valerio)

日本語 (by KUCKLU)

Nederlands (Frans Pronk https://ifra.nl)

Polski (by roan24.pl)



Русский (Maxim)

Suomi (by Arhi Paivarinta)

Svenska (Linus Wileryd)



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