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Product Last update: 10/01/2019

License: GPL


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WP Rocket WP media

Best WordPress Plugin Caching

Make WordPress fast loading

With a few clicks

Recognized know the plugin hides almost Herculean by WordPress Expert

Minimum requirements, immediate results

Do not waste your time contest and complex plug-in parameters. WP Rocket launches on activation.

page Caching

Caching creates a time of ultra-fast charging, essential to improve the conversion optimization search engine is still increasing. When you turn about Rocket WP, setting page cache is immediately activated.

Cache preloading

Because our crawler simulates a move in line with pre-load the cache, indexing your site to learn by the engines is improved on.

Compress static files

WP Rocket reduces able to HTML, JavaScript and CSS documents through minification. smaller files can be time to load faster!

Images on demand

Images are loaded only to know that you scrolled down the visitors, improve page load time. YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, then the essential sites are despicable use of technology it. Now to you.

Developer Friendly

WP Rocket code is increased in accordance with compliance with WordPress auspicious practices. It is clean, then commented on the masses has therefore hooks, developers easily achieve superior customizations.


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