WPMU DEV Defender Pro



to keep the website online out of danger from pirates! gross assaults pressure then the malicious robots are in demand because of security shields WordPress Defender and powerful cloaking technology.

explorations of everyday defense security vulnerability reports, records shooting, 2-factor authentication, security recommendations, Black monitoring list, devices IP banning, easy tweaks security, base, table plugin or business items and overlap logon are still a lot, even for single wily villain.
schedule protection scans, vulnerability reports, arrive protection pointers then draft security settings.

THEN steps of assigning a single click
2-Factor Authentification
Google blacklist monitoring then alerts
IP exclusion manual or computerized system
Restore and then repair modified files
Plugin, interior thing and vulnerability analysis

Then scans reports are impressive, but your name in accordance with the load right down hackers?

Defender not only makes suggestions will be given measures remain assignment or award you defend a larger site.
Blocking the bad with the defense

Brute Force lock

Limit logon attempts in imitation of the attackers attempted arrest under bet password.

Present Change Detection

plugins, themes, and files of WordPress lower due to changes in accordance with the code.

404 lock

Use discovery 404 according to quit and robots are scanning for vulnerabilities.

Audit records

Maintain detailed records regarding each user action file for account changes in accordance with the configuration changes.

Email notifications

Not stop the left of the dark including custom reports or automate email notifications.

blocking IP

Temporary shot or website eternal prohibits each IP guide or computerized controls.

Security Key Updater

Add each another layer of security to change the security keys within a program.

Automated scans
Keep attention regarding your website, including computerized scans or regular reports.

Monitoring blacklist

Web applications immune checks and alerts you if your site has been labeled both unsafe.

2-factor authentication

Using 2-factor authentication to protect your site includes both a password and then a phone.

I remember that checked me

Set the amount of time the “Remember Me” intention choice keeping users connected to according to your site.

IP whitelist

Make exceptions in accordance with the rules prohibit or prevent access fall directors.

Security settings

Add extensive security measures along suggestions after clicking hardening.

Hub Security Manager

Monitor security issues, updates or backups for all your sites the Axis side.

Backups Snapshot

Defender includes 10 GB of stars tankage backup automated snapshot below.
Get peace of mind with an additional safety.

Analyze website security
Choose faux carry scanning type
Solve problems along one click
Jump entirely based on file size documents
Manual IP blocking, then automated
IP records filterable
target set file
automated backups
Back up entire websites
Google blacklist monitoring
Programming Analysis
Repair / restoration of modified files
Tweak safety recommendations
Receive email reports
backups in the cloud
site interactions with registration
main scan files because changes
2-Factor Authentification
Customize email 2 factors
Vulnerability analysis


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100% Clean and free of Virus files
unlimited domains
New free version
Product Version: 2.1.4
Product Last update: 07/03/2019
License: GPL


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