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Product Version: 3.2.4

Product Last update: 08/08/2019

License: GPL


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The choice of the award-winning user and tested reference – the fastest, the best even better image suppression plug-in due to WordPress!

optimize automatically resize each picture between someone registering on WordPress you can download multisite. backup area or speed up your website, including the brilliant control over WP Smush Pro.

Smush Pro is the optimization plugin the most effective image to WordPress flamboyant charity quickly the burden of time.

Bulk Image Smush someone a directory

Scale your photos to download

Convert PNG accordance with lossy JPEG

Smush pictures under 32MB

Super Smush lossy

Faster Automatic Asynchronous Smush

Make your WordPress site or blazingly fast-term on search engines.

WP Smush optimize Pro desire, compress and resize your images barring the quality of crushing.

WP Smush Pro will give you the rule malleability image optimization upstairs.

Bulk Smush

Compress pix after the current retail space on your server and expand the speed of web page.

super Smush

Get 2x the elimination of our chip without loss, including multi-pass lossy compression.

restore the original

Store single file so you récoltiez little correct because these cases you need full quality.

Lossless Smush

Smush crushes every last byte on your shots because the excellent lossless compression.

Self Smush

Smush pleasure regularly compress your photos so keep your site walk in broadband.

resize pictures

Set the max width and up, then the choice of photos of important remains robotically scaled download.

Keep the EXIF ​​data

Special because the photographers want so in accordance with the image files from the attached decision.

Lossy JPEG PNG as

Smush converts PNG files after lossy JPEG additional savings now are detected.

Compress large files

From your device prescribed in accordance with your site WP Smush Pro optimizes images up to 32MB.

200% faster

Boosters CPU Smush Pro compress photos a whopping 200% faster than free Smush.

Smush Directory

Smush pix backyard of the media library using directories after putting optimized vile lie.

S3 Cloud Smush

Use WP Smush along Offload S3 after optimize your media library based Amazon S3 astronaut.

Thinking of upgrading to touch WP Smush Smush according WP Pro?

On average, WP Smush Pro users receive more than 2x the savings that our users without restriction.

Look how much our employees Pro saving.

Optimize huge images

WP Smush greatness Pro SuperServers you spend time optimizing except outside. No more despicable to do, including difficult Photoshop settings – reduce and resize images 32MB giants.

Resize images for download

Save time and lots of space. Let Smush resizes large pictures on your server.

Set a screen and then advanced WP Smush Pro band wants you images earlier than adding them according to the media library.

Optimize photos with someone Smush list.

Compress to someone across the world directory

Smush is not only limited in accordance with the library. Compress images between someone directory.

Optimize images recorded in the records of everyone with shots from EVERY plugin WordPress theme then!

NextGEN then WP Retina 2x

You do not take depending on the quality abandon by using your favorite tools.

WP Smush Pro integrates NextGEN Gallery and WP Retina 2x to show up first class photography along with the smallest file size possible.

WP Offload S3 Ready

Do you use WP and WP Offload S3 lite Offload S3 in imitation of you save media library on Amazon S3? Smush retailer choices you money by smaller trend archive quality at more desirable.

WP Smush Pro integrates along famous sordid plugins.


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