Why tell the world how great you are when you can get someone else to do it and make 1000 times impact?
Big name department stores have a fashion blogger on their salary because their target market is influenced by the say-so of people that they are involved with daily
Instagram influencer marketing is more challenging than most marketing strategies on the platform – especially if you’re just starting out. Everyone wants a ‘piece’ of influencers – that’s why they are the influencers!
Your efforts will fall flat on their faces without a strong guiding strategy. But the potential rewards are enormous.
You might not be ready to ask Prince Harry and Meghan to support your brand. But that’s OK. Any size business can use influencer marketing.
The main question is: how do you get the right influencers sit up and take notice? That’s what I’ll take you through here.
As well as cleaning or two myths about influencer, you will learn why Instagram influencer marketing is so powerful, how much they cost, and what type of business it to.
Most importantly, I will take you through a series of six practical steps that include:
• How to create an influencer marketing strategy that can be measured
• Who do you have to try to partner with
• How to approach influencers and really got an answer
• The types of influencer campaign you can run:
• Best practices – transparency and disclosure
• Tracking how the campaign will
Before we get into the practical strategies you, let us understand a little more about Instagram influencer marketing and why it was so strong
STEP 1: Determine What Success Looks Like to You
All the best marketing strategy that is measurable. Departing with few expectations, objectives, and KPIs in mind.
This will help you decide not only who you are partnering with influencers (STEP 2) but what kind of campaign you’re running (STEP 4) and what you will end up tracking (STEP 6).
Here are some of the most important questions to consider when working out your goals:
• Do you want to increase brand awareness in general?
• Do you want to just gain more followers and more involvement?
• Do you wish to expand your reach? How many?
• Do you expect to increase the click-through (store traffic)?
• What is the main objective to increase the sales of certain products (such as Lord & Taylor dress)?
• Do you expect to increase revenues in general? If so, how much?
• Do you want to increase conversion rates?
• Do you want to raise awareness about a particular event?
• Do you need help making a splash with the launch of a startup?
• What is the main purpose of finding a brand reps to work with on an ongoing basis?
• f there is a way to add fun illustrations to represent each destination, which would be cool if time allows.
• Identify exactly what you want to achieve and then how you will measure success.
• This will help determine what kind of levels of engagement, reach, and the traffic that you need from your partner influencers, as well as how much you’re willing to spend
STEP 2: Identify Influencers Right Partner With
If there is one golden rule for Instagram influencer marketing will be this: make sure you find the right influencers.
This is easier said than done: two-thirds of marketers consider finding relevant influencers of their biggest challenges, according to a joint study by Tapinfluence and Altimeter.
This is made easier by a wide range of special tools designed to identify influencers that suits you. Find out more about this tool here but let’s assume that you are trying to work out without their help.
Where do you start? What should you look for in an influencer?
First, let’s go back to the three basic types of Influencer:
• influencer Celebrities
• ‘Macro’ influencer
• ‘Micro’ influencer
• Most small businesses should focus on micro influencers and maybe some macro influencers.
• Some can forget about celebrities. If your brand of food, you might think ‘Jamie Oliver’ at first, but you need to get more realistic. In addition, there ample evidence to show that aims to smaller, more effective.
• Collective Bias survey referred to above found that 30 percent of consumers are more likely to buy products recommended by the non-celebrity bloggers, while only 3 percent are influenced by celebrity endorsements. (Note: this applies to influencer marketing in general not only Instagram.)
• People often find it difficult to relate to celebrities. While they may be dreaming to be like Beyonce or LeBron James, it is a fantasy world. And always in the back of the mind is the question: “Are they just saying that because they paid for it?
• Opinion of the little closer to home are more reliable and trustworthy. The best influencers Instagram may be expert in his field; they influencer because they have earned it and rose through their niche; but they are mainly people like you and I’m not a big-name actress, singer or sports personality (ie of another niche or even another planet!)
• There are exceptions, but the general rule is to find a prominent influencers in a particular niche that you play in. Their audience is the same as yours that help you get a really targeted and in front of the right people.
• For example, if you sell women’s shoes, it makes sense to target micro-influencer in ‘women’s shoes’ rather than ‘women’s accessories’ or ‘fashion ladies’
• Some micro-influencer may not even think of themselves as ‘influencers’ until you get close to them – even better! They are more likely to be authentic and will not have a full meal Instagram product support; so that their support of you will seem more selective.
posts • Ten of the selected micro influencers will usually be less of a risk and may be more effective than one of the celebrities.
• their recommendations appear as authentic recommendation from a friend. This encourages more engagement between influencers and audiences – which is better for you.
• With a limited budget, some posts from the micro-influencer is also good to increase the amount of content out there about you and your brand – especially if the content is simultaneously published by several influencers. Suddenly this has the effect of making your brand look ‘bigger’ and more ‘buzz
All-important metric to look out for
OK, so you’ve decided on a micro influencer targeting. What metrics should you see?
Influencers can be a costly mistake that one, remember. So invest some time into the preparation work. Here are the most common metrics to watch:
• Niche Industry – usually should be no intersection between niche and you them. If you specialize in a yellow hat, make sure they have a strong relationship with the yellow hat, too.
the level of involvement of the post – the followers very involved with the post – like, comment and share? (At least 2-4% and ideally higher). Using tools like Iconosquare, Tapinfluence or Sprout Social to help calculate the level of involvement
Follower numbers – has become less important than the engagement as Instagram algorithms have changed
• Quality Follower – influencer audience does not reflect the quality of your potential customers are looking for?
• Traffic – how much traffic it generates web influencers?
cost • Post – how much they charge for the post? Is that realistically fit in your budget? You may not be able to what Kim Kardashian West imposed for this one …
Location – is location important influencer for you and your followers or for marketing products / services? You will be global or hoping for more of the local uptake
Watch Out!

It is not unknown for some unscrupulous influencers to buy followers to increase their attractiveness for business. Some even may artificially increase the level of engagement with automatic comments. Do your homework on influencer and avoid the ones with the following question or comment repetitive or bland. If something looks suspicious, it probably is!
Last tip:
Do not limit yourself to human influencer! Get creative: pet care companies often partner with ‘influencers animals: a cute dog, a cat (or ferret) with a large following (1.5 million ????) eg
STEP 3: Refine your pitch for Influencers and increase the likelihood Response a
So you’ve boiled it down to a list of influencers you want to target. What is next?
Before we look at how you contact them, let’s get into the mind of a small influencers a.
Why do they do what they do and how you can show the right approach to work with them? Is there an approach that would increase the likelihood of a successful outcome?
Influencers will not always agree to work with you just because you pay them. In fact, you want your influencers to be choosy because it means they are authentic and are interested in harmony and quality, above all.
So here are a few basic ground rules to follow:
• Make sure that you make it easy for your influencers to understand how to align your brand with their own values: Crowdtap found that employment in line with the value of influencer of their own; create a one-page overview that is easy to read from what your brand represents. Here’s how Fast Company to do so on their website:
• Show respect to your influencers approach – as you do publishers potential of your content: this is important to be interviewed by Crowdtap influencers in their survey.
Guaranteeing freedom for influencers to express themselves creatively – do not try to dictate terms to them; that they know their audience and their followers are better than you. If you choose the right influencers and well-aligned, trusting them to speak with their target audience in a way that will get your own message across and provide a win-win.
STEP 4: Design and Optimize your Influencer Campaign
STEP 5; Keep track of your Success Strategies
The metrics that you identified in STEP ONE needs to be measured to give an insight into the success (or otherwise) of influencer marketing campaign Instagram.
Without this important last step, you may not be in a position to adjust its strategy (if necessary), a successful replication, or to get it right next time if poor results. Find out what works and what does not – if you reach your target audience and if this new followers clicking your store and buy.
So, this means using strong analysis to measure performance in terms of the following metrics:
level • Engagement: The number of likes, comments, and shares (usually measured as a percentage of the number of followers you):

There are many creative ways to organize a campaign influencers agree to work with you. Began to collaborate to create more brand awareness, promote products or services, or achieve other objectives set out in the STEP ONE.
Before you go, you might want to create and share mood boards with your influencers, as a guideline for the post content. This can help the creative direction post – although typically, remember, influencers such as their freedom of expression. So play this one by ear.

• Stay authentic – try to pretend with influencers will not work. They will see through you – and they will not jeopardize their relationship with their followers for you!
STEP 6: Follow Best Practices and Maintaining Transparency
The quickest way to lose the social media audience is to be arrested mislead them. You may have heard of some high-profile influencers are required to disclose the nature of their brand partnership with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
Staying on the right side of this. 

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