The Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS Social Media Marketing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA

 · The Importance of Social Media Marketing and Advertising for Web Traffic

  Social media posts drive targeted traffic.

  Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO.

  Social media can increase your reach via quoted experts.


·         Social Media Is THE BEST Tool to Connect with

  Social media marketing helps you understand your audience.

  An active social media presence builds relationships with your audience.

  Social media ads allow targeting and retargeting.

§  Why advertise on social media?

   Social media can help you get noticed at events and earn media coverage.


·         Brand Image Thrives on Social Media Marketing

   Social media is key to customer service

   A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty.

   Social media is the perfect addition to your PR strategy.

§  Traditional press release distribution services are incredibly overrated.


The Right Social Media Marketing Strategy Can Help You
Slay the Competition

 Your competition is already social.

  The social media marketing arena is a (fairly) level
playing field.

  When it comes to newsjacking, social media is king.


Where should we send your social media calendar?

The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Sales and ROI

 Social media marketing will get you more sales.

  You can find potential customers who don’t already
know your brand.

  Social media marketing establishes you as an authority
in your industry.


You Can’t Beat the Price (or ROI) of Social Media

  The ROI on social media ads is unbeatable.

  Social media marketing is fun!


Drive Revenue With Social Media



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