What is Shopify and How Does It Work

What is Shopify and How Does It Work


What is Shopify? You may have seen a video on YouTube about starting an online store on Shopify. Or maybe your friend is talking about Shopify and too embarrassed to ask. Well, luckily for you, we will share what is Shopify, the pros and cons of using Shopify, which offers, and more. So let’s dive in.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that can be used to build your shop online and offline. Bloggers using WordPress. Shop owners use Shopify. It is allowed to sell both online with their own website and/or in-person with Shopify POS. This website builder eCommerce has features for everyone from beginner to expert e-commerce.

You can ask a professional to help in creating and building your Shopify store. After ordering, you will build your own online store, testing out applications Shopify free, and if you promote enough, make your first sale. the Shopify pricing starts at $ 9 a month if the plan Lite is used. However, most first-time shop owners start at Shopify the basic plan at $ 29 a month. If you’ve been running a business for quite some time, you may prefer Shopify, Shopify Shopify Plus Advanced or depending on your business needs.

What is Shopify Plus?

Plus Shopify platform is the company’s e-commerce to expand business Shopify (s) looking to scale. Offers advanced reporting features, highest priority attention to the client, ability to handle higher order volumes, and more.

What is Shopify Lite?

Shopify Lite is an economic plan that allows you to sell products on an existing website. If you have a website that is not hosted on Shopify, sale with a Buy button without accommodation Shopify. You can also use messaging chats, selling both online and offline, and shipping invoices in the plan $ 9.

Shopify Pros
There are many advantages in using Shopify, here are some of them:

1. DETAILED administration Shopify

In the back-end of your online store, you will find a wide range of reports and features to help you understand how your Shopify store is performing. You can see the number of orders at a glance. You can find your product pages with better results. And even you can see real-time visitors to the website to see what stage in the funnel found. Shopify is a complete tool for an online retailer, you can get a thorough understanding of all its online store details.

2. Free Features

If you are building a new website, you probably have to pay for a theme (design/appearance of your website). But Shopify, a free item in your store is loaded automatically you can start customizing the way you want. This is perfect for beginners who want to dive in and play around to see what the possibilities are. You even have the freedom to customize your website to suit your style brand. You can choose from free sources (already installed in your store), or change the color scheme, add your own photos and much more. There are also thousands of eCommerce themed stock photos to choose taken by photographers Shopify. You can be found in the “free images” section of your theme.

3. There is a plan for everyone

Let’s be honest, there are costs associated with running a business. You will have to pay for products, marketing costs, and of course Shopify. But Shopify has a price plan for everyone. If you are on a very tight budget, you can pay for Shopify Lite for only $ 9 a month. If you are looking for a white-glove service, you can use Shopify Plus. You can move through the plans as your business grows, too.

Shopify Cons

1. There is a learning curve

When building a Shopify store, which is actually building a business, not a passive income stream. E starting a business is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Shopify out how to use and build a profitable store takes months of experimentation. It may take a while to find out where each section of your store is located in the administrative part. But mostly, Shopify is intuitive. It just takes a little practice.

2. Shopify alone will not guarantee success

Shopify has so many great features and applications that make running an online store easier to build something custom from scratch. The problem is really up to you to make your store a success. You need to have the right mindset that pushes learn. You need to have chops marketing to promote your business better than the competition. Your success is in your hands, is not Shopify.

How does Shopify work?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that hosts your online store. It helps organize design the look of your store through topics (which you are free to modify or change the way you want). It also provides payment processing, which allows you to accept and receive payment for the products it sells. Shopify owns the popular application called Oberlo dropshipping, you can choose from millions of products you can start selling the same day, without having to pay upfront inventory.

So how does the Shopify work?

Well, first you need to design or modify your Shopify store, including products in it, and test your website to ensure that both desktop and mobile are ready for public view.

Then you promote the heck out of their products. If you are selling online, a customer visits your online store. You can see in real-time on the admin Shopify if that customer is adding a product to your cart or complete a purchase. If a customer buys in your shop, Shopify payment process for you and you will pay. After payment has been made, you can process the order for the customer receives the product. You can access reports Shopify better understand who your audience is. Customers can opt-in your email list when they become customers that allows you to remarket to them.

Ultimately, Shopify allows not only to build an online store but offer data about its customers so you can better serve your audience. With so many features, it’s basically output to the instrument for building a successful online store.
What can be sold in Shopify
In Shopify, there are always new trends products that can be sold on the platform. You can sell anything – from fashion to beauty of the house and garden. Here are some popular products that can be sold in Shopify:

Home accessories
Travel Products
Baby and maternity products
Bags and luggage
Fitness articles
Beauty products
Pet Products
car accessories
And much more..!

To really answer the question: “What is Shopify?” The best thing is to create your own online store using this e-commerce platform and see it for yourself. If you are looking to make money online, Shopify is the best platform for online retailers. Take advantage to hire a recommended professional here. Shopify is to make the best trade for all so it could be the perfect platform for you.

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