Why Every Shopify Store Needs a Marketing & Sales Funnel.

Why Every Shopify Store Needs a Marketing & Sales Funnel.
The key to any successful business is a healthy sales funnel. This is especially true for eCommerce stores whose survival depends on the transformation of their site visitors from casual browsers into committed customers.
If you are not familiar with online marketing and sales channel, this article will give you a quick overview of how to use Shopify stores. Plus, I’ll explain why offer them as an additional service to your clients can dramatically improve the happiness and income.
online business owners, and as we focus on the Shopify Partner to work specifically with Shopify stores. Basically there are two types of channels that we sell: marketing channels designed to capture email leads, and sales funnel designed to capture payment for products or services.
Below I will share an example that illustrates how you can integrate the two channels in Shopify store so that your client is able to cross-sell the same products to existing customers.
First up is a marketing channel that is designed to convert traffic into customers and customers through marketing automation. Even if the store converts your clients at 2% dense traffic, do not forget that this means that 98/100 people leave empty handed and tend never to return. You can fix this by capturing a person’s email address and follow up with them.


Currently, the owner of a typical eCommerce way to try to increase average order value is to install up-sell applications such as Product Up-sell, offer “you may also like” box with up-sell and cross-sell. It is great and works well when people have actually added items to their carts (right at the end of the sales funnel), but this approach misses 98% of people who do not end up at the checkout.
Instead, you can set the front-end sales channels with an offer to convert traffic into new customers cool. The best way to do this is by offering free products if customers pay only for shipping.
Each site Shopify can benefit from marketing channels and opt-in form, whether it be on a popup, slide-ups, or separate the “squeeze” page and order e-mail auto-res-ponder.
Marketing channels are easy to sell to clients with existing traffic as they can close the initial investment in just a few months.
E commerce store must harness the power of sales channels to convert traffic into new customers through the cool deals + free shipping innovative stairs lead into the value of the product is more expensive.
By increasing average order value per visitor, sales channels means that the store owner can spend more on PPC advertising for their profitable channels. From there, PPC management may be another service you can cross-sell as Shopify Partner.