Yoast SEO Bug 💥 ACTION REQUIRED! Fix Ranking Drops Some Sites Experienced

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  1. Jennifer Sargeant

    Currently dealing with attachment url pages. We're hosting a big event and posted about it on our blog with an image. The image is displaying as an attachment url. The meta and title for the url looks really bad. I wish there was an easy fix!

  2. peter mundy

    hello, help needed please. i am now running the yoast purge plugin, thank you. in my google search console, i have 605 Submitted URL has crawl issues, there is a button on the page which says validate fix, do i press the validate fix or just leave alone. thanks

  3. Jatin Chhabra

    I had to request Google to de-index more than 100 of such thin pages, which I did almost 2 months back 🙁
    Plus do you feel plugins are affecting our seo work. Like search cache. I have noticed that some of sites search cache page are showing 404 error on google but when I add www (all my sites are not www) I see a live cache page

    Just check these 2 url:
    1. Non www

    2. Now I added www in above url:

  4. Matze Karajanov

    hi you should check consolety, it is a WordPress plugin that matches your published content with other users in the network of consolety based on your titles, your tags category and language. Meaning you get rellevant backlinks based on your content all done for you by the consolety plugin. you can find it in your wordpress section simply by searching for the name consolety.

  5. Motion Hollywood

    Thanks for the video…i want to know what to do about huge number of 410 errors in search console? Should i mark them fixed? My traffic dropped to 8k from 28 k and after i install Yoast purge it dropped to 2k.

  6. Jesse Brownstein

    I'm experiencing new issues after activating the index purge plugin. When I click on a link to a media attachment url from /attachments-sitemap.xml, it does not return a 410 error or redirect to a properly loading media image. Instead, the browser loads a bunch of symbols as if trying to render the image. Any advice!? Thanks.

  7. Chelsea HeighHoHello

    I'm curious, I read about this bug tonight and updated my plug in. It was old, like 4.something. I didn't even have the "Search Appearance" option till I updated! Once I updated I immediately went to media and changed from "No" to "Yes". But since I never had that page before and I changed so quickly (within seconds of the update), do I still need to do the purge, or am I okay? Any guidance appreciated.

  8. Treath Wharton

    Their purge page states this "It then creates an XML sitemap with a recent last

    modified date, containing all those URLs. The XML sitemap with recent post modified date makes Google spider all those

    URLs again." – I don't have Yoast Seo manage my XML sitemaps, I have it done by another plug in. Does XML sitemaps need to be active with Yoast seo? Great channel!! I have subbed. Can't wait to go through your other videos!!

  9. Vintage Heavy Metal

    IRONIC: Just yesterday I finally decided to check out "Indexability check by Ryte" (part of the Yoast widget) that has been living in my admin dashboard FOR YEARS! You know, the button that says "Analyze Entire Site" so I went and signed up, linked to Google…Ran the scan, all looked really good except for the url errors … I had 800 … Thought "This scan is stupid!" But here we go again, BJORN SAVED MY ASS!!!!!!!! Million Thanks!!!!!

  10. David Dietz

    Will the 410 result affect images within Pinterest? Provided that Pinterest is also a search engine (that obviously relies heavily on images), I would think that it could potentially be a problem. Just trying to wrap my head around possibilities that could negatively affect these sites outside the scope of just Google.

  11. Milla Ezman

    Thank you! hats good to know that you are keeping us up to date with the news like this! So if when I clicked on "media" that setting was set to "yes", Im ok and i do not need this plagin? My site is only a couple months old anyways…